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LashDip – The revolutionary semi-permanent treatment is the world’s most perfect coat of mascara, lasting up to 6 weeks after a single application.
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Biologique Recherche Authentic Formulations - High concentration of botanical, marine and biological extract, no artificial fragrances while respecting the original structure of the active ingredients.


Celebrity facial and lash specialist-Karina Freedman is a European esthetician who redefines facial and lash treatments. A firm believer in the French approach to skincare, Karina transforms the looks of her loyal NYC, Long Island and Hamptons clientele by using the finest products and most innovative techniques in lash enhancement and facial rituals.

After long years of collaboration with the Aida Bicaj, Fekkai and Blandi Karina now dividing her time between New York city and Long Island locations and provides her jet set clientele with amazing treatments any place, any time. The dramatic results of her treatments are so incredible that many of her clients have had to swear to their friends and families that they didn't go under the knife and do either face or eye lift (biological serums and mink lashes to thank). No surgery, just regular facial "work outs" at the spa and a religious skin regimen creates healthy, radiant and youthful skin, no matter when you start. When it comes to eyelash extensions. you get what you pay for: 5 star treatment: there is no counting lashes or time with Karina, you are literary extending your every eyelash in most personalized way. Karina or her assistant will match the length, thickness and the curve that suites you the most, pick the different strength and holding ability adhesive, discuss the lifestyle and care for the perfect fit. Working gently and steadily Karina will make sure that your natural lashes are healthy and nourished at your every appointment and adjust the treatment accordingly.


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